At Harmony Homes Realty, we know that keeping an REO home in marketable condition, as cost-effectively as possible, is of utmost importance. Our foreclosure specialists and REO agents in Northeast Ohio have 15 years of experience and know what it takes to attract buyers to an REO property. 

Curb Appeal Is Essential For REO Homes

We maintain REO properties throughout their listing period, with a special emphasis on curb appeal and marketability.  When an REO property is maintained properly, it increases the likelihood that a buyer will make a reasonable offer. This is turn reduces the time that a home is on the market, allowing the property owner to regain their capital and mitigate their loss.   

REO Property Listings

Our foreclosure specialists are experts in marketing through both print and web advertisements, as well as in multi-channel campaigns.  A trusted REO specialist with expertise working with HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can make sure that a property is maintained properly and sells quickly. Our Agents are responsible for everything from lockouts and rekeying to maintaining and listing the property in national foreclosure databases. 

Cleveland Ohio REO Agent Services

When listing (or buying!) foreclosed properties in Cleveland Ohio, an Accredited-REO agent makes all the difference. They understand the ins and outs of REO properties and can help navigate the waters for a smoother transaction. 

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