The Real Estate Experts at  Harmony Homes Realty Can Help Seniors Buy or Sell a Home

As we get older, our lives start to change. Our kids leave the house and start their own lives, we look at money differently, and we begin to think about how we want to spend our retirement. People over 55 should also start thinking about real estate differently too and with that comes knowing who to trust to guide you. 

The senior real estate experts at Harmony Homes Realty are here to help and represent those who are over 55 with knowledge, care, and understanding.

Buying a Home When You’re Over 50

A senior real estate expert will understand that your needs are changing and help search for a home that fulfills your needs. We understand that location is significant and know that being close to family is just as important as being near medical facilities, shopping, and other facilities that we use on a regular basis. Because we are experts in our community, we know what areas are best suited to your needs, desires, hopes, and dreams.   

Senior-Friendly Homes 

Many seniors are ready to downsize their homes and many know exactly what they want and what they don’t. One story homes, very few (if any) steps into the home, slip-resistant flooring, and a relaxing back porch/deck area are a few things that our senior-focused agents hear of frequently. 

Senior Communities 

Senior communities can be a social hotspot for people, and our senior estate experts understand that. We can provide resources and information that help to find the best community perfect for your needs.  You might not get that information from a regular real estate agent who doesn’t understand the senior community.

Financial Needs of Seniors

Those over 55 years of age have their own special set of financial needs. From financial planning to wills to estate planning (and everything in between!), we can help get you in contact with legal and financial professionals that specialize in seniors. 

Buying or selling a house at any stage in life can be a stressful experience. Make it easier on yourself and find a real estate expert suited for your life stage. We specialized in helping seniors over 55 transition to new communities, new homes, and new lifestyles. 

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