Trashing Out House Due to Disabilities, Death, or Hoarding Activities

In addition to offering estate services, Harmony Homes Realty also offers trash out services due to a disability, death, or hoarding activities. 

Hoarding Cleaning Services 

Often, families of a loved one who has passed are left with more than grief, they are sometimes left with homes that require trash outs. In some cases, hoarding activities may have gone undetected until the damage has been done. In those cases, Harmony Homes Realty sorts out the items of value like household goods or furniture that may be of use to others. These items can be sold or donated. Hoarding situations often have specialized cleaning needs and our experts understand these needs and follow special protocols to ensure proper trash out and clean up. 

Trash Out Services After Death

Not all trash out services is caused by hoarding situations. Sometimes a trash out is needed because of the accumulation of decades of “stuff” that was left behind after a death. The same procedure is used, with items sorted, donated, recycled, or trashed. In some cases, our Estate Services may be of use. 

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